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кот с рыбкой
That was my last time uploading scans. I bought a subscribtion for Zasshiko and now it has come to an end.

I have no idea where to get magazines now and I don't have even 10 pounds for the next subscribtion. There is an option that we COLLECTIVELY save up 10 pounds for that subscribtion and share the link with everyone, but the chances are zero :)

I hope there will be someone else, who will be as kind as to upload scans for free for all of us out there.

If you know any sites with free scans- please, tell me!

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I hope someone WILL keep posting free links. I remember there was a person who gave out direct links for Chinese servers, but they (servers) were slow.
I don't know how to access or whatever (I think it's blocked in my country or something)

I don't seem to be able to access the website, maybe because I'm in Japan? Is it still up?
Also, is that 10 pounds for a monthly subscription?

Thanks for the amount of magazines you've shared all this time!

this site- ? It works for me, I just checked. Maybe their domain is not suitable for Japan, but it's strange.
10 pounds grant 4 months access, and if you pay 22- you get the full year.
I paid 10 pounds once, got some mags, shared here and now the paid period is over (and I don't have the money again. I have a loan which I need to pay, considering my paycheck is about $250 duh)

So if you CAN pay for it at zasshiko, please, be as kind as to share at least some mags with our community! (my favourites are Domani and Precious, also Spur and Popeye, just in case ^^)

Yes, it seems I cannot access the website neither from my PC or tablet... so I cannot buy the subscription =/
Since it's of Japanese magazines, maybe it's blocked to Japanese websites. Hmm

Woah, that's very odd. Maybe they block Japan (for copyright infringement or something?) Maybe try using a proxy, if you still want to.
But duh, let's wait for somebody to share scans for free with us :)

These days i just use the zazhimi app, it's got good quality scans and they upload fast. Every other chinese website i knew that uploaded magazines suddenly stopped doing so :(

can you download the mags from this app or just look at pics online? I thought about zazhimi, but if it's just online...

you can look at them online and download the pages individually. Good for storing just the pages that you like but a little annoying if you want to download the whole magazine :( anyway the scans are big and good quality!

thank you for telling me! if I have time and stuff, maybe I'll download the app, too. When I feel TOO desperate for new scans :)

Thank you so much for sharing. It seems there's a blockage for western people now at the usual chinese places I used to frequent.

what usual places? share some links, pls.(what if i can enter them from russia)
maybe through proxy sites you could open them... have you tried proxy?

Haven´t visited your page in a long time. How are you lately?
Thank u for the afford in sharing jmag with us.
I saw that we have a new jmag sharer. Did u visit their tumblr page?

Hi! It's been some hectic time for me, gosh!
But yeah, I even downloaded a few mags from this JAIMEpress tumblr. I don't like most of the mags they upload, so I'm on a japmags diet now ^^ The format is a bit...huge though- it's double paged, not single paged like it was usually.
I hope they will upload different mags as well. Or there will be someone else.
How are you?

It´s so so, I guess. :D I still strugggle with my studies.
There is a japanese shop in my city but they only sell fashion mags for young girls and anime mags. I could order other mags but the cost is...
It´s understandable, but I still have to think twice bevor deciding to buy a mag. I am satisfied with JAIMEpress.

yeah, I thought about mobile versions of the mags- there are probably downloadable versions on the official websites of these magazines (not free, of course. but maybe cheaper)
Or we can pay for the zasshiko account- it's not expensive, but duh? still not free^^

I don´t think the e-version is much cheaper. But I still prefer the paper version. :) It´s nicer to read and feel the paper.

so old-school :)
And there is another plus in paper issues- don't have to recharge your device as often^^
I was thinking about moving to China for a job, but I wonder if they have Japanese mags sold there. If they don't- I'm not moving haha XD

in Hong Kong maybe? I don´t know.
Go to Singapore! They have everything. Kinokuniya, the japanese bookstore chain, has 4 stores in Singapore, 1 in Malaysia, 3 in Thailand, 4 in Taiwan, 1 in Australia and 3 in Indonesia (I only count the east & south east asian countries). You have the agony of choice. :P
May I know what kind of work do you do?

I don't think I can go so far as to Australia- don't have any skills to offer.^^
In China I think about teaching English (I'm officially an English teacher, but right now I work in marketing, cause I'm stupid enough to change a stable teaching job to some pseudo-profession duh)Maybe I'll learn Chinese there and find some websites where they upload scans XD
What do you study? I think I never asked that.

I think that's a great sphere! Very future-proof: chemists will be in need for a long time! Maybe you'll be able to get a grant and study at some cool Asian University (even Japanese. Or you'd prefer Singapore?)^^

I´m living in Germany. Working is fine here. :D But I would love to visit Japan and Singapore one day.

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